Bike Fitting

As the technique of fitting cyclists on their bikes makes technological leaps, we have decided that the time was ripe for us to further enhance our bike fit equation. Our mission has always been to offer the perfect bike fit to our clients because we know just how important this is for optimum, injury free performance.  To be able to take our professional bike fitting service to the next level, we have invested in the latest bike fit technology available on the market .

With our new and latest Bio Size software we can analyze your anthropometric measurements.  This will allow us to give you a personalized and accurate posture on your bike. This highly sophisticated system allows us to eliminate any discrepancies that may have previously been present as a result of the traditional and manual method which required that the athlete be measured followed by a mathematical calculation to work out the desired bike fit.

The new Bio Size is a very simple procedure.  By inserting the registry data of each and every athlete into the system, we are able to generate a personalized result and hence identify the correct frame size, correct posture and more over confirm the correct handlebar width, stem length, crank arm lengths and the saddle height. In this simple and efficient manner, our software generates the ideal anthropometric measurements and athlete’s optimum posture on the bicycle.

What our customers will benefit as a result of the new Bio Size is an increase in power output and pedal stroke efficiency as a result of a perfect position on the bike as well as reduce the chances  of experiencing an injury due to improper bikefitting.

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